Charming Lait

by Pastel Felt

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released November 10, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Dan V. Weiss at Unicorn Power Studios, Los Angeles



all rights reserved


Pastel Felt Los Angeles, California

Groovy, mournful, Gaussian blurred, surf gaze from Los Angeles.

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Track Name: Know
Harsh winter blows on the side of the road, but you find me
tough leather skin that rebuffs the wind, but you find me
you found me and no one was told

She touched my hair and told me that I was absurd,
said that freedoms not for those with spoken word,
He was hiding when they swore no one was home,
but they knock on the walls and ask you how much you know.
You know

Tri-colored floors that shine in pastels, but you find me
rubber neck skin dance again and again, but you find me

You liken your body to that of a carousel,
and lick the stains from your shirt so no one can tell
He slapped my face and said- Girl you're not a ghost,
patted his lap and said- Baby who loves you the most.
The most

He choked my wrist and said -Gee, you seem like fun
meet me dreams where we shine like the sun,
parted his lips with one, lasting regret
outlined my jaw with his lit cigarette.
Track Name: Emotional Night
I wrote this song before I had the words to say
I was still leaking him the very next day
I let the car run so I can listen to your tape
block out the whole world it's my own escape
your voice pours into my cupped hands and down my face
that's when she winks her cheeks and she shows me grace
Track Name: Foal
You're a woman you know what it's like to bleed,
bleed for a thought, a word, a blush, a need.
He was making jokes down at the bar,
watching you wondering, how you are.
Telling me more and more that's how it goes,
Smiles as a jerk, just let it go.
You're a woman you know what it's like to weep,
weep for all the ones, you know you'll never keep.
Your heart holds the reigns to an endless sink,
limitless to how much just one can drink.
Close your eyes, and the nerves are paired,
your fingers collect the pain that's in the air.
You're a woman you hold your bark you hold your bite,
hold them till your mouth is bloody, scabbed and dry.
Remember the ragged horse down by the lane?
When you approached him he ran away,
you turned to go, that's when he balked
he came you when you thought it's time to walk.

So long, and be well
know your heart is a little bell.
So long, sleep for more,
hope you find what it is you're looking for.

You're a woman you know there's magic everywhere,
it's the burden of love it's a mark, it's a dare.
Stuck in a body and not a mind
angry because you wont read mine,
bow you're head and hold it tight,
know yourself and say goodnight.
Track Name: Everything
And I wanted to tell you
what I read in a book
Happily, Happily
bursts of light across the sky
neon blues and green
Tenderly, Tenderly
wonder buzzes and breaks me down
brings me to my knees
and i'm shivering
this is all i can be
Track Name: We're surrounded
Oh sweet mystery of life
so right for life that possibility of death
did not occur where fate and politics shoved her next
You wont fight them
you mean why not die for love?
Like a hero a foolish young man
I adored that young man

Tell me what to live for
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to be

Tell me what to live for
Tell me what to see
Tell me what to think

Strength came into her hands
did gentle violence to his clothes
Resi, i'm sorry, i'm an old man
so tell me old man,
you're not sorry to see me go.
Why not die,
like a knight in my plays?

Tell me what to live for
Tell me what to be
Tell me what to see

Tell me what to live for
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to think

He is so used up
Curiosity and his eyes